Cassie Wallace


PATIENT: Cassie Wallace 8753

HISTORY: tachyarhythmia, atrial fibrillation on ECG, currently receiving pimobendan, frusemide, acei, digoxin

CHARGES: echocardiography

Abdominal U/S

Not Applicable



there is a primary degenerative mitral valve disease here with associated moderate to severe mitral regurgitation and marked left atrial dilation. Therapy should continue with drugs for congestive failure and positive inotropic support, and digoxin is the therapy of choice for control of AF in patients with CHF. Rate control should aim for 140bpm.



Comments: the left atrium is markedly dilated and the left ventricle mildly so. The left ventricular walls are subjectively normal thickness and systolic function is good but variable. The mitral valve is mildly thickened and irregular but significantly so for a large breed dog, and also the valves do not meet with a flail motion to the free wall leaflet. There is a tachyarythmia

LA:Aortic ratio (RPS SA, normal <1.6) 3.0


LA:Ao ratio (RPS LA, normal <2.5) 3.5

LA 7cm




not performed



multiple mitral regurgitant jets, moderate to marked




MITRAL INFLOW: Mitral Regurgitation? yes 4m/s


AORTIC OUTFLOW: Max Velocity 1.1m/s. Aortic Insufficiency? no


TRICUSPID INFLOW: Tricuspid Insufficiency? no


PULMONIC OUTFLOW Max Velocity 1.1m/s. Pulmonic Insufficiency? yes, mild


U/S Guided Samples: Results

Not Applicable.

Not Applicable.

Not Applicable.


Not Applicable

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