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NVi mobile services are available Mondays to Thursdays.

Pet Owners: Please note that appointments are scheduled via the referring Veterinary Surgeon / Surgery, rather than directly with pet owners. If you are a pet owner wishing to arrange for NVi to ultrasound your pet, please approach your own Veterinary Surgery, and they will contact us to arrange this.

Vets: please contact Paul to make a referral (contact details at the bottom of this page).
Referral appointments are usually scheduled at a pre-existing ‘clinic’, details of which are below (this information is also duplicated on the ‘Regular Clinics’ page). If there is a group of more than 3 patients, a visit may be scheduled to the referring Veterinary Surgery directly.

Paul will make all the arrangements pertaining to referrals which are to come to one of the regular clinics. He will contact the owner, and give appointment details, patient preparation requirements, and quotes / payment requirements. He will obtain the history and pass this on to Sophie on the day of the exam. He will contact the clinic to register the patient / owner, in order that they can take payment only (the clinic location will have no input by Vets to the case – management will be retained by the referring Vet / practice).

After the exam, Sophie will communicate the results directly to the owner and will also notify the referring vet or Veterinary Surgery the same day when the report is available on the website.

Please note that whereas owners of patients for echocardiography may often sit and wait while the exam is performed, owners with patients for abdominal ultrasound will have to leave their pet for at least a few hours, as they will always be admitted to the practice. Also, owners are not permitted to be present during examinations.

Regular clinics 2019:

Orchard House Vets, Hexham every Monday morning
Blythman & Partners, Gosforth every Monday afternoon
Westway Vets, Newcastle every Tuesday and Thursday
Vets4Pets, Sunderland every third Wednesday
Dunelm vets, Durham every sixth Wednesday
Simply Cats, Fencehouses every sixth Wednesday
Capontree Vets, Brampton every sixth Wednesday

To refer a patient, please contact Paul:

Tel: 07935 923220