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Endoscopy Equipment

NVI has a superb veterinary video gastroduodenoscope with an 8mm outer diameter, 2.8mm channel for large biopsies, and a 1.5metre working length (which allows for pyloric intubation of patients from approximately 3-60kg and ileocolic intubation in patients over 8-10kg), and a 3.9mm veterinary fibre bronchoscope suitable for patients of all sizes. Both have  a range of biopsy and retrieval devices, and there is a portable video monitor display which accommodates both video and fibre-scopes with digital image retrieval. There is also a range of rigid endoscopes (2.1mm forward-facing, 2.7mm 30 degree) to permit rhinoscopy and cystoscopy with sheaths which have fluid ingress taps for continuous flushing to optimise visualisation, and again a range of interventional accessories to permit biopsy and retrieval.


Veterinary bronchoscope

video monitor

Video monitor


Video gastroduodenoscope


Rigid endoscope set